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Shark Games

Free games sharks for fun you fun with our games sharks. Very good game shark in which you’ll have to help Aquaman defend the underwater city of Atlantis and it’ll have to go moving and throwing fireballs by pressing the Z key and leaving a little pressed to throw balls more large and to kill all the sharks and monsters that go closer, when you have the bar power full we suggest you press the X button and you’ll trigger a special attack that will kill all your enemies and move to the next level of difficulty.
For little kids we bring this game you have to Colorize to Sharky, a fun shark which likes to swim in the sea and that needs to paint it the most beautiful colors you see and that you like where you want to recommend the different shades of deep blue to Sharky and a lighter blue for the sea floor to paint besides algae green or brown depending on you’ve seen on the beach that you go!

Screenshot 2016-06-19 at 11.45.10 Shark Games

Shark Alley

It helps scientists to transport the shark research equipment from ship to shore. Be very careful because it is a…